Can MinuteKey Do Car Keys?

MinuteKey is a Boulder, CO-based company that claims it can copy keys up to 10 times better than manual solutions. It is currently in big box stores in 15 states and has raised $10.6 million to expand. Consumers spend about $2 billion annually on key copying, but MinuteKey claims to be faster, easier, and less expensive than traditional solutions. They charge between $1.39 and $3.99 for a set of two keys.

Transponder keys

Transponder car keys are similar to key fobs, but they contain an RFID chip inside the head of the key. Once inserted into the car, this chip sends a signal to a receiver near the ignition. Once the receiver detects the correct digital serial number, the car will start. Luckily, there are companies that can duplicate your transponder car keys.

Using a transponder key for your vehicle is not only convenient, but it will also enhance the security of your vehicle. Transponder keys make your car harder to steal by causing the ignition lock to ineffective. Moreover, cars with transponder keys will not start without the microchip, preventing car theft. A transponder key also contains a digital ID, which means that you’ll have more combinations to choose from. This greatly reduces the chances of your car being stolen.

While most self-service kiosks are not equipped to duplicate transponder car keys, there are a few options available to you. You can visit a locksmith or auto dealer to get a duplicate of your vehicle’s key. However, you’ll need to have a vehicle VIN, which will allow them to read the transponder chip and program the key. Moreover, auto dealerships tend to charge much more for this service than other places.

Another option is to use a mailbox key duplicator. Some stores, such as Walmart, will duplicate mailbox keys. However, if you own an older model of car, you should try contacting a car dealership or car collector.

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Restricted keys

A restricted car key is different from a standard car key. These keys have specific features that make them harder to copy. The process of duplicating one requires special equipment and the locksmith must ensure that the owner of the car has given permission. A restricted key is also more secure than an ordinary key because it is more difficult to duplicate.

Some stores, like Wal-Mart, have kiosks that can duplicate card keys and key fobs. This is different from a key duplication booth and will cost you around $25 to $30. However, you should remember that these kiosks do not do restricted car keys. If you want to prevent unauthorized duplication, you should use MinuteKey.

Easy to duplicate

If you’ve lost your car keys, or you’re just indecisive about the number of spares, you can easily duplicate them for $1.50 or less. There are kiosks in some stores that offer this service, and they make car, house, and office keys, as well. However, the process can take a while, so it’s a good idea to have two extra sets of keys available for your car.

Walmart offers kiosks that can make duplicates of most standard keys in just two minutes, for a low fee. However, they don’t duplicate keys for high-security vehicles. So, if you don’t have a spare, you’ll have to get a new one from the dealership or service management. In addition, if the original key is too complicated for a kiosk, you may need to visit a locksmith or car dealership to duplicate the key.

While Walmart’s MinuteKey car key kiosks can duplicate car keys, they can’t duplicate transponder keys or smart keys. However, they can duplicate traditional metal keys, such as the ones found in most vehicles. For a few dollars, you can get a copy of your regular car keys from a MinuteKey kiosk at any local store. The process of programming a transponder key is a little more involved, and can take anywhere from seven to fifteen minutes.

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Another option is to go to a hardware store. Many towns have locally owned hardware stores, and you can usually find a local store through a search on Google. Make sure to choose a store that has a good reputation for providing the service you need.


If you’ve lost your car keys and need to make a duplicate, a Walmart MinuteKey booth may be the perfect solution. MinuteKey technicians can create copies of most vehicle keys for just a few dollars. These keys are made of metal and don’t have a chip. You can get regular car keys for a few dollars as well, and the process only takes a few minutes.

You can get your keys cut in less than three minutes, and it’s fast and convenient. Many of these kiosks are located near customer service desks. If you need to have a duplicate quickly, you can call ahead to ensure that the machine is in operation. The price varies by location, but in general, it’s around $1.50.

MinuteKey works best for cars that were made before the 1990s and do not use chip-based protection. However, it is also effective for standard lock keys. You can use MinuteKey to make house keys or any other kind of simple locking keys. MinuteKey is cheaper than a traditional key maker, which can cost as little as $6. Moreover, you can get a refund in case your key breaks.

If you can’t find a local locksmith or a minutekey shop, you should look for a locksmith in your area. Locksmiths can easily duplicate your key fobs at a lower cost than a local dealership. The cost of the key blank depends on the type of material used, the make, and whether you choose to personalize the key with your name or other information.

If you have a lost car key, Walmart has a self-service kiosk called MinuteKey. MinuteKey car key kiosks are located in front of many Walmart locations and can duplicate your key for about $2 to $5. The machine uses robotic technology to duplicate your key. Moreover, it uses a touch screen that makes the process easy and intuitive.

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Where to get them

If you’ve lost your car key, there are a few places you can turn to for a quick, cheap, and reliable replacement. For example, you can visit Walmart to get a copy of your traditional non-transponder car key for less than $10. If you have a transponder car key, you can also head to a MinuteKey kiosk for a quick, cheap copy.

A MinuteKey kiosk can be found in retail locations across the United States. These kiosks can make your keys in minutes and charge between $2 and $6. You can pay with all major credit cards and cash, and there are even kiosks that make customized sports keys. To find a kiosk in your area, visit the kiosk locator.

If you can’t find a local MinuteKey dealership, you can also find them at Walmart or other major retailers. Both Walmart and MinuteKey stores have booths that can copy transponder car keys. However, you must make an appointment for this service, which requires training. Aside from that, it can be expensive.

Another place you can get a copy of your car key is at a Home Depot kiosk. This kiosk is located near the automotive section. The process should take less than five minutes. The machine should cut standard, auto, and transponder keys. Alternatively, you can find a MinuteKEY machine at Menards.

You can also visit a Rite Aid kiosk if you don’t want to pay an expensive fee. They have over 4,000 locations across 42 states. They have kiosks that duplicate your keys and offer lockout service. Some kiosks even store designs and allow you to access them with a fingerprint scan. However, you should check the hours of the store in your area before you visit.

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Can MinuteKey Do Car Keys?
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