Where Can I Get a Used Car Battery?

You can get a used car battery from a local repair shop or scrap yard. While this option is convenient, keep in mind that these places are intermediaries and want to resell the battery. To get a better price, consider selling the storm online. You can sell the battery for more money if you sell the core.

Auto parts store

Buying a used car battery from a local auto parts store is a great way to save money. Used batteries are usually cheaper than new ones and are less likely to fail. Choosing the right battery type for your vehicle and reading up on the warranty before making a purchase is essential. You can also check battery ratings to see which are most reliable.

Most auto parts stores will accept your old battery for credit, but some will charge a core charge. This charge is usually around $5-$12, and it’s an excellent way to encourage battery recycling. Some stores also offer a gift card in exchange for the core charge.

Car batteries vary widely in size and type, so buy the right one for your vehicle. Choosing the correct size is essential because the wrong ones may interfere with your car’s cables and will fit incorrectly. Also, check for the right type of terminals on the new battery. Many retailers will also install the battery for you for free.

The best deals on used car batteries can be found at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Costco. These retailers offer free installation and 5% cash back when you use their rewards cards. Walmart offers EverStart car batteries at meager prices. Consumer Reports highly rates these batteries.


Craigslist is a great place to buy and sell about anything, including used car batteries. You can sell your battery for cash if you have a realistic price. However, check prices first and include all the necessary details. A photo of your storm is also helpful.

You can also get cash for your battery at local junkyards. These yards will be happy to accept your old car battery, so long as it has a lead core. The value of a lead will depend on the market, so call around for the best prices. Keep in mind that not all scrapyards will pay the same fee. Prices vary because scrapyards will take different materials out of your battery, so be sure to negotiate! However, a good-condition storm can fetch you a fair $7. The more you have to sell, the higher the price you will get.

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If you have many used car batteries, you should list them in your local newspaper. Most local newspapers are free to read and include classified ads. While classified ads are only some of the profitable ways to sell batteries, they can offer a great deal on bulk purchases.

You can also find batteries at recycling centers. Many people looking for used batteries need one or several batteries of a specific type. Since new car batteries are not cheap, it’s good to have a backup battery on hand. However, consider looking at Craigslist if you’re looking for a particular type.


If you’re looking for a great way to get cash for used car batteries, consider selling them to scrap yards. These businesses buy car batteries for the metal parts inside them. Then, they recycle them to make something else out of them. You can also sell your old batteries to foundries, which make metal castings. Metal castings are made by melting metals and giving them a new shape. They can be made from cast iron, steel, zinc, or brass. They have locations all over the country and can give you good cash for your batteries.

Another way to sell your old car batteries is to sell them on Facebook. Facebook has over 223 million users in the US alone, so it’s a great way to connect with people nearby. Just list the battery’s price and other details relevant to the sale. A photo of the battery also helps your chances of selling it for cash.

When selling your used car batteries, make sure to list their specifications. You can find buyers online or at your local scrap yard. Depending on its condition, these locations will pay you between $5 and $8 per used car battery. You’ll make more money if you sell your used batteries in bulk. You can also look for buyers on Craigslist.

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There are a few places to turn to if you are looking for ways to sell your car battery. Firstly, you can take it to a local auto parts store. Many of these places will take used batteries in exchange for store credit. Some will even offer you up to $20 for your battery.

You can also try advertising your battery for sale in local newspapers. Most papers allow you to place a free ad in the classifieds. Also, you can call local scrappers who may be interested in buying your battery. Another way to sell your battery is to advertise it on Craigslist or other online classifieds. You can also sell your battery to companies that buy batteries in bulk.

Besides auto shops, you can also look for battery recycling centers. Some facilities will pay you between $5 and $12 for your used car battery. You should check with several places because some will pay more for the same product than others. Moreover, some facilities may even pay more for your battery because they buy it in bulk.

You can also try posting ads in the paper and yard sales to sell your old car battery. These places usually pay top dollar for batteries and do their part in keeping our environment clean. Additionally, you can use an online car battery recycling service like Peddle to sell your used car battery. These companies will visit your home and inspect your car before paying you cash.


Selling your used battery is easy to make cash from your old car. Some of these companies will buy your battery for a low price. However, you should always check the conditions of your battery before selling it. It would help if you also considered the rate that the recycling center will give you for it. This will help you negotiate for the highest possible price.

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You can also search on the internet for scrap yards in your area. Scrap yards often buy used batteries. However, you must remember that you’ll need to provide the lead core, which varies in price. Shopping around for the best price is advisable because not all junkyards will pay the same. Each junkyard sets its price and scavenges different materials from used batteries. If you have a good-condition storm, you can expect to get at least $7 at a scrap yard. The more batteries you have, the higher the price you will receive.

In addition to junkyards, you can also sell your battery to recycling centers. Many battery recycling centers have a website to view their current rates. However, calling a local recycling center is advisable before leaving home. Moreover, you can sell your battery on Craigslist for cash. Craigslist is a good option if you’ve got several batteries that need to be recycled.


If you have a spare car battery, selling it on eBay is a great way to get cash. You can use a marketplace like eBay to sell your used car battery or post it on social media like Facebook. Most buyers will pay for shipping, but some may offer to pick it up. In addition to traditional auction sites, there are apps where you can sell your items. I scrap one of these.

Another option is to sell your battery at an auto parts store. Some stores will pay you a flat fee for your used car battery. However, you can also sell your used battery for top dollar. Depending on the location, you can find national brands of auto parts stores that will buy your old battery. They may also offer you a store credit that can be used on your next repair bill. However, only some will give you cash for your battery, so you’ll need to compare prices to get the best deal.

You can also search for a battery for your car at eBay. It is best to look for a battery that is 12 volts and fits the group size. Then, enter the specs of your vehicle in the search box to find batteries that provide the model and make of your car.

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Where Can I Get a Used Car Battery?
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